Video Services in the Cloud

Evox is one of the pioneers of Video Services in the cloud, as it participates in this business concept for more than eight years.

Evox currently offers two services in the cloud.

See you ON

See you ON is a portfolio of video conferencing managed services aimed at increasing collaboration between individuals, groups and offices scattered, without making any investment, nor to face the uncertainty of the success of this investment.

Our services promote communication and effective teamwork, generate operational savings, reduced risk and travel time and increases the security and quality of life of its employees.

Within this portfolio offers the following services:

1. Virtual room's videoconferencing: (Multiple video sessions in a single conference; applies to meetings between three or more different sites; fixed or mobile, connected to Internet)

2. Subscription fixed videoconferencing equipment (Easy communication for videoconferencing; no time limit or number of calls; enabled to access multi-conferencing services)

3. Videoconference Service in Mobile PC (Enables home users, small office or while traveling; user interaction with any room or mobile in the world)

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Keytia ® Web is a platform that shows the consumption of all your communication resources through a web interface. Lets have an overview of costs and budgets.

Our offer is in the form "turnkey" where you do not have to worry about system administration or for the costs of investment in licenses and infrastructure.

The main focus of our service is to reduce your overall telecommunications bill by up to 30% where only we need to know what your current level of expenses to get to work in your particular case.