Education Sector

Connect, engage and empower people to create a learning society to accelerate economic growth and strengthen social welfare.

Today we have schools that enhance learning connected anywhere, just a few clicks away. We work closely with educational institutions in order to meet the demand for new approaches to learning to help prepare the workforce of the future and promote social equity.

Our solutions:

  • Facilitate interaction practical, safe and real-time educational communities expect to find today
  • Help build a secure environment
  • Increase administrative efficiency
  • Improve access to opportunities for continuous learning and participatory

The new communication technologies such as Cisco TelePresence are blurring the differences between traditional and virtual teaching and learning. Cisco TelePresence is a technology that simulates human experience and, therefore, the design of Cisco TelePresence includes both engineering and psychological elements of human behavior.

Comply with the requirements of the human factor is crucial in designing products and systems, resulting in the creation of an experience of two-way visual communication that makes participants feel like they were sitting opposite each other. In addition, image quality and audio is outstanding, resulting in life-size images of people with all their body language, including verbal and nonverbal communication, such as eye contact.